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The Growth Mindset Ebook

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If you are reading this Ebook, you are undoubtedly trying to become more productive by managing your time better. That’s a great goal. But you can’t really manage time. An hour will always consist of 60 minutes, and a day will have 24 hours. That can’t be changed.

So, if you are lamenting, “I never have enough time!” keep in mind you have the exact amount of time as everyone else. You can’t manage time, but you can manage yourself by making better choices every day. With each choice you make, you can improve your life or make it more difficult.

Proper goal setting is a major part of managing your time. However, it’s critical not to confuse your end goal (the final result) with the steps designed to get you there. We hope this Ebook will help you Reclaim your Time and boost your productivity...