Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™
Quran Earth Lamp - Quran Co™

Quran Earth Lamp

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Our exclusively NEW Quran Earth Lamp is a quran lamp bluetooth speaker featuring full Quran audio from 27 world-renowned reciters and translation in 30 global languages mashaAllah.

It also features Duas, Hadith, Nasheeds and is the perfect gift for any child or adult to relax especially with the choice of 7 colour ambient mood lighting.

This interactive 3D multi-sensory Quran Earth lamp is perfect for homeschooling and teaching children world geography using the textured surface and is an excellent gift for Ramadan, Eid and any special occasion, making a great addition to every family home. Further product details included in images and description below.

We want to inspire as many families to 'Learn, Love and Live the Quran'

Quran Reciters Include

Qari Abdul Basit - Shaykh Sudais - Shaykh Afasy - Shaykh al Minshawi - Shaykh al Ajmy - Shaykh Mahir Muaqly - Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri - Shaykh Abdullah Matrood - Shaykh Abdullah Basfar - Shaykh Muhammad Jibril - Shaykh Muhammad Ayoub - Shaykh Husari - Shaykh Hudhaifi - Shaykh Ghamdi - Shaykh Minshawi - Shaykh Shuraim - Shaykh Tablaw and others

Quran Earth Lamp - How to use step by step

Alhamdulillah its very simple - Just follow the following instructions below and email us on info@quranco.uk if any further support is needed
  1. Charge 4-6 Hours before Use
  2. Set up Tripod/stand (A bit like a mini puzzle alternate the 3 wooden parts and push pegs into holes to ensure they all fit correctly)
  3. Use the small metal touch point near the charging port and speaker outlet to activate onto standby mode. (should turn a pink/light cream color)
  4. If you want to use just as night lamp you can touch this same area to change LED colors.
  5. To use audio speaker, use the remote (red button top left corner) to power on and access all the features & functions (refer to the manual for full details.)
  6. Remember if you have a product model (with app version) then you can also control your Quran Lamp Speaker via Bluetooth & using the Quran Speaker App found on the App & Play stores
  7. On the back of the user manual, there are 2 QR codes,1 for an Android app and 1 for an iOS app.
  8. If the Android QR code does not work, but the app is searchable as "Equantu" in Google Play. The iOS app's QR code does work. Searching "Equantu" does not show the "Quran Speaker" app in the App Store, and the app is #88 if you search "Quran Speaker."
  9. To turn off your Quran Lamp simply use the remote or mobile app (if you have app version).
  10. To turn on and use again (if it already has sufficient charge) follow the above steps again.
  11. The product will flash red when low on charge and repeatedly say 'low battery, please charge'
  12. It will flash green/blue when charging and a couple hours of charge should suffice before next use.

If you are still having trouble feel free to email us at info@quranco.uk

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