Importance of Surah Yaseen

Importance of Surah Yaseen

Surah Yaseen is also known as the heart of the Holy Quran. Surah Yaseen was revealed in Makkah with eighty-three verses organized into five segments. Surah Yaseen starts with declares of Muhammad’s (PBUH) prophet-hood by invoking the Qur’an, the book of wisdom, and satisfy him that he is in the right direction.

The subjects treated in this surah are those most generally found in Makkah revelation – namely, tawḥeed, the resurrection and Hereafter, and the prophet-hood of Muhammad. Its object being to begin a firm foundation of faith, Yaseen presents justification appealing to reason and brings to witness some of the visible signs of the unlimited power and ability of Allah.

The Holy Quran is the religious book of Allah and the ultimate solution for mankind. Besides, the Holy Quran has also known as the eventual guide for success.  We use every chapter of the Holy Quran for blessings and advantages. Surah Yaseen has extensive virtues and values.

  • Helpful in depression

Surah Yaseen is the best solution to solve anxiety and worldly affairs. The recitation invokes the protection of Allah SWT on the reciter. This Surah is also known to eliminate many fears of the heart.

Nowadays many people suffer from hypertensive conditions; mostly have an issue with high blood pressure. There are many reasons behind this, and one of the many reasons is everyday life induced anxiety. This issue can be easily cured with the daily recitation of surah Yaseen this way you will maintain good blood pressure.

  • Helpful in worldly affairs


The Holy Prophet PBUH says,

“My heart wishes that Surah Yaseen should be present in the heart of every one of my ummah.”

The holy Prophet (SAW) has counted countless advantages of reciting Surah Yaseen.  Surah Yaseen is recited before a person in grief, Allah Almighty blesses upon him, and he dies a relaxing death. Surah Yaseen prevents the horrible effects of black magic. Allah blesses the person with wealth and respect who recites Surah Yaseen daily. Before going on a journey, surah Yaseen consider a shelter for a person.

  • Support against enemies

Surah Yaseen considers a powerful weapon against the enemy. Besides it also beneficial against the fear of anything.  In short Surah Yaseen helpful in every field of life.


  • Fulfills the needs of the day

We have fulfilled the needs of a day by reciting Surah Yaseen regularly.

The Prophet Mohamed PBUH said,

If people read Surah Yaseen at the starting of the day, all their needs for that day will be fulfilled.”

If someone needs complete support from Allah, try making a habit of reciting Surah Yaseen at Fajr. You will find how easily you had gone through from all the difficulties and problems that came into your way that day. , Allah will enough you and fulfill all your needs.

  • Protects from harmful animals bites

Snake is a poisonous animal and its sting is very harmful the remedy that was used for that person on the sting of the snake was the recitation of Surah Yaseen, and it was cured.

who recites this surah, the heart of the holy Quran, after sunset, Allah would post 1000 angels who would safeguard them from the mischief of the damned Satan and his agents throughout the night and keep him safe from every disaster; if this surah is recited in the morning he would be throughout the day among those whom Allah protects from adversity and gives enough livelihood.

  • A Higher rank on the day of judgment

Surah Yaseen acts as a bridge between Allah and human beings. It is a protector against the devil. A guide to the error. A key to all virtues and a path to Jannah, and much more. Therefore, let us all strive to read surah Yaseen and implement its guidance.

  • Better memory

Reciting the surah Yaseen keeps our minds relax and fit.  It sharpens our memory and makes our brains more powerful. Most importantly, Quran reading provides us inner happiness.

  • Guidance

Recitation of the surah Yaseen with attention is the guidance that a person receives from it.


To sum up we can say that, Recitation of the surah Yaseen with attention serves as a reminder, brings close to the blessing and mercy of Allah, and makes a person open to comprehension and guidance.  Whenever a Muslim listens to surah Yaseen, he or she must listen to it attentively. According to many researchers, the Holy Quran has many advantages for our brain. It keeps the memory sharp. Reading Arabic regularly is a very beneficial exercise for our brain.


Every word of the Surah Yaseen is powerful. Every verse of this surah has its own spiritual and health benefits. May Allah blessed us with a true understanding of the Holy Quran. Ameen


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