How To Download And Use Quran Moon Lamp APP

How To Download And Use Quran Speaker Mobile App for Quran Moon Lamp, Galaxy Moon Lamp, Quran Lantern, Quran Star Lamp, Quran Emerald Cube by Quran Co - Inspiring the Ummah to Learn, Love, Live Quran
Quran Lamp FAQ;
  • What is difference between app version and original quran moon lamp? All functions and features are the same except the app version can also be controlled conveniently using our quran speaker mobile app.
  • Does the Quran Moon Lamp app version model come with wireless remote? Yes all our Quran Lamps come with a wireless remote (requires AAA battery). The app enabled models have the additional convenience of choosing to control via the remote or app (whichever you prefer and incase you ever lose the remote)
  • What is difference between Quran Moon Lamp and Galaxy Lamp? Only the surface color, the moon lamp is plain white, the galaxy lamp is multi-color surface. All other core functions are the same.
  • Which Quran Lamp is best for my children? You know your child's preferences the best masha'Allah and all our products have a distinct unique design that will suit most home décor whether it will be used in a bedroom, kitchen or living and dining room.
  • How to set the azan for my Quran Lamp? Answered in this article below step by step using your bluetooth and GPS location.
  • You have so many amazing products, I don't know which one to gift? Alhamdulillah all our innovative Quran Lamps are similar size, have the same core functions (Quran audio, Dua, Hadith, Quran translation, Bluetooth, multi-colour changing LED light touch lamp) but some may have extra unique features such as; app control, automatic azan (call to prayer), projection effect, time display, more reciters, more translations. We highly recommend you read our product descriptions and reviews before ordering inshaAllah. 
  • Still unsure? You can email our Customer Care team on
Steps on How To Download And Use Quran Moon Lamp APP
  1. Note please first check you have the correct Quran Lamp version model of ours which is app enabled. Look to see if the box packaging has a barcode to scan and an image of a hand holding a mobile phone.
  2. If it don't have the above then you may have bought the non-app model.
  3. If you do you can begin by scanning the QR code with the browser of your smartphone, and you can download it directly depending on which device you are using whether it is a tablet, android phone or iPhone/iOS.
  4. If this does not work you can download our Quran Speaker App below
  5. Download Quran Lamp Speaker App for Android
  6. Download Quran Lamp Speaker App for iOS
  7. Once downloaded switch on your phones Bluetooth and GPS location
  8. How do I know what bluetooth device I am need to pair with? Please see below in brackets the matching bluetooth device code depending on what product you have bought from us or one of our stockists/resellers;
  9. Quran Moon Lamp (SQ168), Galaxy Moon Lamp (QB512), Quran Star Lamp (QB512), Quran Lantern (SQ122), Quran Emerald (QB303)
  10. Below we are going to show how to connect and pair with our Quran Lantern (SQ122) as an example. The same steps can be followed for our other products too.
  11. How do I setup the azan function and prayer time accurately? (this is explained further down below in this article)


Below is the home screen image of our Quran Lamp App made by Equantu.

First start the product, open the mobile App Equantu, click Settings, you can see Bluetooth mode, and enter this page to see the corresponding product model. Just connect.

First start the product, open the mobile App Equantu, click Settings, you can see Bluetooth mode, and enter this page to see the corresponding product model. Just connect.





Ⅱ.Main functions of our APP

1. Choose the whole Holy Quran.

Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Al Ruqyah, Hisnul Muslim, Qaida Noorania, DUAA, Hadith, MP3 (for some nasheeds)


2.You can select surah and ayat.

Of course, the display screen of our homepage will also display the content of the corresponding article


3. You can choose the translation languages of 14 countries.


4. Our APP can also select reciters.

You can know which  language translation you choose by looking at the flag and images. There is no need to press the remote control to select the reciters you want to listen to.


5. Adjusting the brightness RGB lighting.

You can adjust the light color and brightness of the Quran products. While playing the holy Quran, you can also see beautiful lights. In addition, it can also become a small night light. Become a bedside night light Quran player for Muslim kids.


6. How to enable and set the correct Azan time for my City?

The azan control via the app is only applicable for our Quran Lantern (SQ122) and Quran Emerald (QB303).

The accuracy of Azan time is a very important thing for us Muslims. Therefore, APP is very advantageous in azan time setting. We can locate automatically based on Bluetooth, or based on latitude and longitude. You can determine the local azan time.


In addition to automatic positioning, it can also fine-tune the time and adjust the azan time accordingly to your city.



18 Reciters
(1) Word by Word
(2)Mohammad Siddique Mishawi with children
(3)Saood ash Shuraym
(4)al Tablaway
(5)Abu Baker Shatery
(6) Abdulah Matroud
(7) Mahir Mouiqlee
(8) Abdullah Basfer
(9) Al-Mishawi
(11) Muhammad Jibreel
(12)Muhammad Ayyub
(13) Al-Husari
(14) Al-Ajmi
(15) Al-Fasy
(16) Al-Hudaifi
(17) Saad Alghamdi
(18) Al-Sudais
14 Languages
1. English Transaltion
2. Urdu Translation
3. French Translation
4. BanglaTranslation
5. Indonesian Translation
6. Malaysian Translation
7. Somali Transaltion
8. Turkish Translation
9. Hindi Translation
10.Tamil Translation
11.Jalalain Translation
12. Russian Translation
13. Uzbek Translation
14. Farsi Translation
15.Support customization


Why did we develop and design this APP?

We believe that the development of the world is progressive and we aim to adapt to meet the needs of all Muslims of all generations. Smart phones are an unstoppable trend and we wanted to cater to the millennials and next generation who are already smartphone savvy to support their Quran learning journey.

This is the first version of this APP and we are continually sending recommendations with our lead manufacturer and supplier to tweak and improve it Insha'Allah. Our App will continue to improve, develop more features, and we are committed to Inspiring the Ummah to Learn, Love and Live Quran through all our product on

If you have some feedback, experience technical issues or simply have some recommendations to improve our quran speaker APP, please comment below and we will share this with our manufacturer...


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