Many a times have we heard of the wisdom that lay within the chapters of the Holy Quran which serve as the basis of life management in this world. Surah Maryam is one such chapter through which women of today can extract priceless lessons:

  • Patience and conviction in dua

We read in this Surah about the earnest supplication Zakariyyah (pbuh) made to Allah for an offspring, although he and his wife had both aged. He did this with utmost conviction and believed his Lord would answer his dua despite his condition. This is the level of conviction we need to harbour when we seek Allah’s help.

  • Allah is Omnipotent

In response to Zakariyyah's (pbuh) plea, Allah revealed, “Verily, we give you glad-tidings of a son!” Despite his prayers, Zakariyyah (pbuh) was astounded. But indeed we learn from this that God is All-Able. Even if things seem impossible, turn to Allah and He will open doors that were previously non-existent.

  • Follow-up action when one's dua is answered

Many of us are guilty of neglecting Allah’s praise once our duas are answered. Surah Maryam relates that on receiving glad-tidings, Zakariyyah (pbuh) increased in glorifying Allah. Moreover, he advised his people to do the same. This indicates that when Allah answers our call, we need to continue praising Him and not forget Him, our sole Benefactor. Alhamdulillah!

  • Allah created women strong

We learn from this Surah of the emotional strength Maryam (pbuh) displayed when Gibreel related to her the news of a son, though she was chaste. She displayed amazing physical stamina during birthing, despite being alone. In this, certainly, is profound inspiration to women of today who are portrayed as being weak and lacking.

  • Never despair in Allah’s Mercy

Going through the pains of labour solitarily we see the reliance Maryam (pbuh) places on Allah with complete faith that He will take care of her. Allah, through His infinite Mercy, granted her ease and provided her food and drink. Trust we place on the Lord shall always bring goodness.

  • Treatment of parents

In this Surah, Allah makes mention of the incident of Ibrahim (pbuh) calling His father, an idolater, towards Isalm. We notice here the kind and respectful manner in which he does so. In Ibrahim’s (pbuh) footsteps is an important example for the generation of today.

  • Family members – a gift of Allah.

Numerous mentions, describing family members as gifts, are made in this Surah. For instance, Prophet Musa (pbuh) was gifted with a brother, Prophet Harun (pbuh), and Maryam (pbuh) was gifted with a son, Prophet Eesa (pbuh). This signifies that righteous family is a blessing from Allah and they need to be cherished and maintained with good ties.

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